can you help with my facebook question?

Question by Heidi Hanson: can you help with my facebook question?
A while back I somehow changed my settings to not allow people to comment on my photos and now I don’t know how to change it! I want people to be able to comment on them. help!
I wish it was just that easy. I’ ve tried everything but I can’t seem to enable photo comments. privacy settings, account setting etc.. Nothing has worked.

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Answer by zakieh
you’ve changed Privacy settings, go check it out

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One thought on “can you help with my facebook question?”

  1. Click through the following:

    Account>Privacy Settings>Customize Settings>Scroll down to “Things others share” go to “Permission to comment on your posts” and modify as desired.

    If you disabled people from seeing your photos, that’s right above “Things others share” at the bottom of the “Things I share” section click on ” Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos.”> change each album’s security as desired.

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