Can you put music on your facebook?

Question by ifyoulovehim, t e l l him<3: Can you put music on your facebook?
please help me, there must be a way.. or change layouts or do anything, but i really want music.

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Answer by happyface4501
i dont know how but yea

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4 thoughts on “Can you put music on your facebook?”

  1. There is no way to change your layout on facebook. My guess this will be coming soon though, since the designers of facebook are continually trying to upgrade it. You can’t post music on facebook like you can on myspace (it plays automatically when you load the webpage). You can share the item though.

    “What can I share?
    Facebook allows you to share profiles, photos, photo albums, Notes, News Feed stories, and external content. An example of external content would be that interesting article, photo, or video that just got posted on your favorite Chuck Norris website.”

    “How do I share Facebook content?
    Next to any piece of Facebook content that you are allowed to share, you will see a “Share” button. If you click on this button, you will have the option to list the names of any friends with whom you would like to share the content. You will be given the option to comment on the item and your friends will have the option to comment back. When you’re done listing friends and commenting, click on the “Share” button. Your friends will find the item on their “My Shares” pages the next time they log in.

    When sharing content, you also have the option to post it to your profile. After you click on the Share button, just check the box to “Post on your profile.” Selecting this option will post the content and any comments you have made to the “Posted Items” box of your profile. This content will be visible to anyone who views your profile, provided that what you shared was not Facebook content they could not normally see due to privacy settings.”

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