Facebook : Hide unwanted news feed on mobile ?

Question by Nyny: Facebook : Hide unwanted news feed on mobile ?
I see Facebook updating a lot as well as my friends constantly liking photos that just spam my news feed.

On mobile site / app, how can I prevent/hide seeing what my friends “like”?

I can try and clarify what I am trying to say if this doesn’t make sense.

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Answer by Yuuuup

Click “Account” in the upper right corner of any Facebook screen and select “Privacy Settings.”

Click the “Customize Settings” at the bottom of the “Sharing on Facebook” section.

Locate the “Posts by me” line in the “Things I Share” section. Click the gray icon at the right end of the line and select “Friends Only” from the drop-down menu.

Go to the “Things Others Share” section and choose the “Friends Only” option for “Can see Wall posts by friends.”

Click “Preview My Profile” to see what your new settings will look like. Click the “Facebook” logo in the upper left corner of the screen to return to your homepage. The new settings will be saved.

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