free printable party invitations? Help!!!?

Question by barbiedoll: free printable party invitations? Help!!!?
ok so my daughter is turning 2yrs in a month and i would like to know if anybody knows of a web site that gives u free printable party invitations(preferably princess like themes) but that u can actuallly download a picture of ur little one on there. please help me thank u in advanced

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Answer by meenakshi
here are a few sites with free customization ….

EZ – you can add you own photos and make them very personal – you can upload your own photos to make cards, etc. — make own invitations and print them – free – free customized cards [invitation or greetings – printed or ecards]… – haven’t tried it myself yet. Need to d/l their software.

hope these help
all the best 🙂

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3 thoughts on “free printable party invitations? Help!!!?”

  1. A quick, easy, and fun way to create your wedding invitations is to go at Cropmom is a online digital scrapbooking, collage, card making site. Specific kits at Cropmom that I think would be perfect for the party would be “On Your Toes” and Fairy Tales Collection. Other kits would be “All About Baby” and “Visit From The Stork.”

    Upload your photos. Make your invitation using them. You can add your own text. There are thousands of graphics to choose from to create your invitation. Use either the templates, kits, or mix and match.

    Then save it. Go to My CropMom and click on the layout. Then click the “share” link. It’ll let you enter the email address of the recipient, and your screen-quality invitation will be sent via email for free.

    For print-quality, you can purchase a JPEG file of your creation (it doesn’t cost much – less than $ 2) and download it to your computer.

    From here, you can either print your invitations at home. Or – what I usually do – is have it printed by SeeHere, Shutterfly or Snapfish.

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