how can i set an avatar for my messenger?

Question by purple26_dana: how can i set an avatar for my messenger?
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Answer by jay_are1109
On your Yahoo Messenger, click Messenger \ My Display Image

Click Avatar

Start with your appearance and look for your skin color, hairstyle, and hair color. You can click on different hair colors on the right side of the picture. If you want to change your facial expression you can do that with the smileys that are above the cartoon.

Go through the apparel, which allows you to pick full outfits, tops and bottoms, or even plus sizes.

In the extras you can pick jewelry, hats, bags, shoes. But this is the place where you can really personalize your look. If you want to look like cavewoman or a viking, you can actually find it here. This is the fun area to see what’s new and how you want to represent yourself.

When you put together an avatar that you really like, save it in your favorites so you can refer back to it at anytime. Otherwise, you’ll have to start over everytime.


Make sure you have set your Preferences so that your display image (avatar/pic) is seen by your buddies on your Messenger list.

On your YM, click Messenger / Preferences / Display Image

On “When I start a conversation, share” change the default to “My Picture”.

Check the rest of the Options, click OK.


When signing in to YM, make yourself on “Available” status.

On Messenger menu of your YM, “My Display Image”, select “Share my Picture”

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