How do I keep Facebook from announcing every little thing that I “Like”?

Question by londoncalling1979: How do I keep Facebook from announcing every little thing that I “Like”?
On Facebook, if I click “Like” on someone’s photo, status update, link, etc., that is announced on my Wall, and it also pops up in my wife’s News Feed.

Who else is seeing whatever I “Like” in their News Feed, and how do I prevent that from happening?

(It’s not that I’m trying to keep anything a secret; it’s just that if I happen to say that I like a photo, that doesn’t mean it is worthy of being displayed in the News Feeds of others.)

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Answer by Cry Baby Obama
The Facebook Wall is the central hub of each user’s account, displaying the News Feed, friend lists and upcoming events, as well as photo uploads, status updates and links. Formerly known as the “Wall-to-Wall” link, the “See Friendship” link is used to display the interaction between two specific Facebook users. With the proper privacy settings, Facebook members can share and connect by viewing and posting on other users’ walls. Writing on it and viewing it are just two of the functions of the Facebook Wall.

What is Wall-To-Wall?
Originally referred to as the “Wall-to-Wall” feature, the “See Friendship” link redirects users to a page that displays the interaction that occurs between two Facebook users. Friendship pages are collections of previously-shared content, which can include photos, comments or status updates in which both users are tagged, pages both users “like” and events both users have previously or will attend. The friendship page also displays mutual friends and allows you to search friends by name to discover mutual friendship pages. You can post comments on friendship pages, which will display on any walls upon which the original content appears.

Using “See Friendship” Links
After logging in to your Facebook account, click the name of the friend whose page you wish to view. Click the “See Friendship” link located in the upper-right corner of the homepage to access the “Wall-to-Wall” view. You can also click the “See Friendship” link that appears below comments posted by a friend on your wall or theirs. If privacy settings allow, you can click the “See Friendship” link that appears below comments posted between two other Facebook users to access their “Wall-to-Wall” page.

Writing on the Wall
The Facebook Wall is a place where content is posted and shared by friends. Much of the connecting and networking that takes place on Facebook can be seen on the wall. Writing on another user’s Wall can take the form of commenting on a photo, link, video or status update, or commenting on another user’s comment. Private information should be shared using Facebook Chat or the Facebook message feature. Use the “Share” menu at the top of any page to write on the Facebook Walls.

Privacy Settings
Facebook privacy settings allow you to safeguard your account by restricting the visibility of content you post. Adjust your settings by clicking the “Privacy Settings” option of the “Account” tab at the top of any page. You have the option to prevent other Facebook users from viewing the content that is posted on your Wall, either by yourself or your friends, as well as content that you post on other users’ Walls. Privacy settings are applied to friendship pages and Walls in the same manner; content that is restricted on your Wall will be restricted on your friendship pages as well. Other Facebook users’ privacy settings may restrict your ability to write on or view their Walls, or prevent your ability to access the “See Friendship” link.

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