How do I put music I made on youtube & facebook?

Question by ca$ h: How do I put music I made on youtube & facebook?

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Answer by HP
you need to have gamil account to put videos on youtube.

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  1. 1.Open Windows Live Movie Maker or the video editing software of your choosing. Add a picture to your film reel by clicking the “Add Photos and Video” option. Browse for a picture on your computer that is relevant to the song you are uploading. For instance, if uploading one of your band’s songs, it would be a good idea to use a photo of your band performing.

    2.Click on the “Add Music” tab on the task bar. Browse for the song that you intend to upload and import it. Select the “Fit to Music” option to ensure that your video will run for the duration of the audio file that you chose. Choose the bitrate that you feel is needed for the file, and export the video as a .wmv (Windows Media Video) file using your program’s built-in encoder. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of a file is, the longer it will take to upload to YouTube’s servers

    3.Open your web browser and navigate to YouTube. From the home page, click on the “Upload Video” link. In the pop-up window, browse to the video that you have just created and upload it. The uploading process will begin automatically.

    4.Tag your songs by entering keywords in the blank field that appears after your upload completes. Choose words that pertain to the song, such as the name of the artist and the title of the song. This will make it easier for others to find your music. Share your music with your friends and family by clicking the “Share” button underneath your video. You will be given a URL link to your video, which you can copy and paste into emails or Facebook profiles.

    * you have to have a youtube account also and when you make it all you are doin is just putin your name in

  2. you make a Video with the music, You create a Google account, you then create a Youtube account using your Google account, then upload the Video on youtube & Share it on Facebook


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