how do i stop my computer from sharing files?

Question by : how do i stop my computer from sharing files?
hi i ahve two laptops with windows 7 and a wireless internet connection when i go to my computer- on the right under network i can see my other laptop and when i clik on it i can see all my docs on my 2nd laptop and cop things from that laptop to mine , now say if some1 breaks itno my inter they can steal my work hoow do i stop this , also i can from my 2nd laptop accse things on my first laptop . hope it makes sense

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Answer by yoe_dawg
All you need to do is find the file that is being shared and ‘right-click’ it. There should be a check box that says “Shared” uncheck this and that should fix your problem.

Also make sure you have an encrypted key on your wireless. I can use my wi-fi scanner in my apt and find 6 unsecured connections… and many of them have shared folders with personal information or photos I’m sure they don’t want leaked.

Hope this helps and feel free to e-mail me if you need further assistance.

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3 thoughts on “how do i stop my computer from sharing files?”

  1. 1. Click the start orb and then click on “Computer.”
    2. Right click on “Network” on the left of the window and click on “Properties”
    3. On the left of that window click on “Change advanced sharing settings.”
    4. Adjust your file and printer sharing settings from that window.

  2. On Vista, which should be the same process on Windows 7…

    You can try going to Control Panel > Network and Sharing center.
    There should be options to disable or turn off file sharing, network discovery ect.

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