How to get my pictures tinted this shade of color..?

Question by ♫: How to get my pictures tinted this shade of color..?
I have a Canon Rebel and I’m not sure what I need to do to get my pictures to have this tint (I dont want to photoshop them..)….Can you explain how?? Thank you so much for your help!!! 🙂
I would like my pics to have this kind of tint(the first ones seem to have a blue-ish/yellow-ish tint & the last one seems to have a blue tint):




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Answer by Amandine B
Without photoshop, the only way I can think of to tint your photos is to either buy a colored filter (available at any real photo store for cheap), or for the free way, screw with your color balance. Lower numbers give a blue tint, higher numbers a reddish tint.

Almost forgot, you could buy Tungsten rated film and the like, but this is exactly the same as screwing with the white balance.

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2 thoughts on “How to get my pictures tinted this shade of color..?”

  1. These pictures look to me like they were cross processed. Cross processing is an old trick that many creative people used to do in the film days to get unique looks on pictures. There are many types of film and each one is “supposed” to be developed using a specific process. Namely negative film processing and slide film processing. Cross processing is when you take negative film and develop it with the slide film process, or vice versa.

    You didn’t mention if your Canon Rebel was digital or not so I’ll assume that it is. Once you’ve taken your pictures you can copy them to your computer and then use a photo editing program to get the look that you desire. A couple that you may want to look into are: Tiffen Dfx or Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3. Both are professional grade editors/plug-ins and are very easy to use. If you already use Photoshop you can buy them as a plug-in that will work right within photoshop.

    I hope this helps,

  2. other then a photoshop, there is a free website, or i hope its still free

    go here

    click “get started now!”

    let it load

    when its done loading, you will see at the side, upload photo, upload it then you will see the picture there and some options of “auto fix” “rotate” “crop” “resize” “exposures” “colors” “sharpen” “redeye”

    click “colors” and move the bar around to get the color you want

    after you are done, at the top right there is a “save & share” option which allows you to save your files

    hope this helps, anything else just email me, goodluck

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