It wont let me share my pictures!?

Question by all: It wont let me share my pictures!?
Everytime I go to “Share Photo’s” on my 360 page it says I have no albums but when I click on share pictures it brings up all of my albums. For some reason the albums won’t share even though I have the privacy setting as Public?? Help!

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The sharing of Yahoo Photo albums has been buggy for some time now in the 360 pages. But, just to make sure, check that you have your albums set to PUBLIC VIEWING in BOTH places….your actual Yahoo Photo Albums page AND in your Yahoo 360 page. Sometimes that is all it takes. If that doesn’t fix it…send a beta feedback form to Yahoo explaining what is happening on your page. The link to that form is at the upper right corner of your page right above the word SETTINGS.

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3 thoughts on “It wont let me share my pictures!?”

  1. – Go to your “My Page”
    – Click the “Share Photos” link in the Photos module on upper right corner of that page.
    – If you have Yahoo! Photos albums, then click the “Add Photos” link at the top left of the window. If you have a Flickr Photostream, then go to the last option in the window and enable it.

    Make sure to check how other people view your page by clicking on the drop down menu “Preview as seen by” at the top right of your 360 “My Page.

    Also, make sure that permissions set in Yahoo! 360 for the albums match the ones made in Yahoo! Photos for each album (i.e. “Sharing” options). So, you’d need to log into Yahoo! Photos ( )

    Yet in about 3 months (in autumn), Yahoo! Photos will shut down.
    Go to to read about all the details regarding the Yahoo! photos closing. So, the bugs will likely remain, if you are using that service.

    The one-step process described below is BASICALLY the same for any other photo sharing site mentioned: Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Photobucket. If you prefer those services, by all means go for it. Kodak Gallery has a large free storage, I heard, so those with lots of pictures may want to look around at the differences between services first. Photobucket has been getting great reviews and Flickr is owned by Yahoo (which is the example I’m going to use here).

    You can start a free account at Yahoo-owned Flickr (see… regarding monthly download limits).

    All you have to do is go to and click the pink “Sign Up!” button. Sign in with your Yahoo! ID and password, then create a new Flickr account if you don’t have one. Then, wait for e-mail notification – the first email will confirm that you’re moving to another service, and the second will confirm that the move is complete. In the time between those emails, your account will be waiting in the queue behind any other users that made their decision before you.

    NOTE: It may take a week or two for Flickr to review your account, depending on the number of users in the Flickr queue. While your photos are being moved you will not be able to access your Yahoo! Photos account. This notice for now, is only for U.S. Yahoo Photos users.

    UPDATE: However, the tool to transfer photos to Flickr is not yet available. Yahoo! Photos will contact people by email when it is ready. There will also be a prominent notification on the site.

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