Popularity of Photo Sharing Websites


Photo sharing is one of the most wonderful categories of the new Web 2.0. It is a term mostly given to a category of website that publishes photos online. These sites allow users to organize and share photos.

In technical terms, it is the publishing or transfer of a user’s digital photos online, enabling the user to share them with others. This functionality is provided through both websites and applications that facilitate the upload and display of images.

Its Modes

It can be done in three modes;

Through websites
Through desktop photo management application
Other portable internet-connected devices

The first of such websites originated during the mid to late 1990s but many more came into being during the early 2000s. Good sites generally allow users to categorize and organize images, provide keyword tags, deliver images in multiple sizes, do basic image manipulation, and share images on their websites or blogs.

Desktop photo-management applications may include their specific features or integration with sites for uploading images to them.

There are also desktop applications whose sole function is uploading photos for sharing. Basic functionality can sometimes be found in applications that allow you to email photos.

The process is not confined to the web and personal computers but is also possible from portable devices such as camera phones, using applications that can automatically transfer photos as you take them, to the sites that provide such services and photoblogs, either directly or via MMS. Some standard digital cameras also have Wifi capability, making it easier to put photos directly online.

Why Photo Sharing Websites are Popular?

The popularity of these websites is on the rise, undoubtedly. Millions use these websites. Their popularity can be gauged by the factor that 141 million users visited Google’s Picasa and Yahoo’s Flickr online photo services last year. Some of the key features as to why these websites are in great demand may be summarized in the following points;
These sites are a convenient place to share photos, and they let you create slideshows to put on your lodging website.
These sites are a powerful and convenient way to manage photo libraries. Most of the sites provide easy steps to set-up, upload and manage personal photos. Privacy matters can also be taken care of when needed. Access to these photos can be restricted to few friends and family members, or can be made viewable by public. Also a group of users can join together to collaborate on a project.
These websites provide another useful service. They can print calendars, booklets, posters, prints, stamps, etc from your photos. This service can help many businesses in name recognition.
Most of these sites allow users to create online “communities”. This offers great online marketing opportunities for many associations.
Photo-editing is yet another feature that many websites offer. This means that users who don’t pre-edit their photos on their computers can tweak them after they upload them on these websites.
Such websites can be used to drive qualified traffic to user’s intended purposes or company. They can also provide potential search engine benefits.
As is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is just natural that these websites have created a niche for themselves. They, in their own right, have become a market as well as bringing in more resources to generate revenues.
It is the ease of use as to why these websites are popular among users. They provide easy and intuitive interface to their users. They also have simplified options of uploading, viewing and manipulating images. Most importantly no one needs a certificate of experience or qualification to join these websites. This has put the power of technology in easy reach to the users.
They give a sense of sharing and community participation to their users. A user can share his photos to many other users and form a bond of community and friendship. This increases a sense of sharing and active participation in community. Users can also collaborate to work on a project. It is also a good way to share memories of different events in one’s life.
Information assimilation is yet another objective these websites fulfill. Users in one part of the world can gain information from other part of the world in an instant. Many online news websites also use photos to assimilate news quickly.

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Question by Caleigh: What are some good photo sharing websites?
I need good photo sharing websites.
I don’t like photobucket or tinypic.
I like websites along the lines of weheartit, beautyineverything, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by Katie Rowland
I like

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