Q&A: How To Store Music/Videos/Pictures @ 40GB PS3?

Question by Congo Cash: How To Store Music/Videos/Pictures @ 40GB PS3?
I was just wondering on how to store files on the PS3 Hard Drive, cause the 40gb has no memory slots.

*How can I also store files on my 360?

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Answer by Eddy S
Use USB port. U can save with USB hard drive, USB flash disk, or even ur IPOD (enable hard disk use on ur IPOD).


U can connect to ur computer with LAN cable. And if u re using windows media player, enable media sharing by give check mark on ur PS3.

How to:
Open window s media player. Go to option “Tool” then “Option” then “Library” then “Configure sharing”. After that turn on ur PS3 (please connect LAN cable before u turn on ur PC and PS3). there will be a display that show “unknown device” and ur PS3 mac code.
give check mark on it. then save.
Now u can save ur music photo from ur PC.

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