Q&A: Iphone will not download software in itunes!!?

Question by T: Iphone will not download software in itunes!!?
Ive been trying to download the newest software 5.0 for my fiance’ Iphone. I have him on “home sharing”. Everytime I try to download it gets about half way…. then a message appears “Your network timed session has ran out”. I’ve upgraded my itunes quick player… I’ve tried time sync (which did work on my ipod) Its so frustrating. I have the newest version of itunes 10.5. Does anyone else have any suggestions.

I have window 7.

Thank you!!!!

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Answer by Shahaneh
You should get the 3DS.

You can play music (even with the system close).

You can LOWER the VOLUME of 3D so it does NOT give you headaches for the first time in your life (if you’re the kind of person to ever get headaches from 3D, otherwise just turn the 3D all the way up).

And you can also turn the 3D OFF Completely.

And 3D is good for working out your eye muscles & brain to keep them in shape as shown in this link:


And the Nintendo 3DS has downloadable 3D Music videos from today’s American music artist which I have already downloaded the 3 free 3D Music Videos to watch anywhere and the 3DS has 3D “Blue Man Group” video and College Humor (in 3D) with the FREE “Nintendo Video” App that you can download (but its 4 3D Videos at a time and they replace them once in a while) and you can download cheap downloadable 3D Apps & 3D games costing from 99 cents to $ 5.99 and the Nintendo 3DS also has FREE downloadable 3D Apps & 3D Games, which I have already downloaded 3 Free 3D Apps and I have downloaded 2 Free 3D Games and the 3DS has a 3D Camera and I have already used the 3DS 3D Camera to take 3D photos and I have uploaded some of my 3D footage online using the Nintendo 3DS’s Web Browser to upload my 3D footage online and I have used my 3DS Web Browser to also download other peoples 3D footage from the Internet on my 3DS Web Browser and I have view all sorts of 3D content on 3D Websites online on my 3DS’s Web Browser and I have use my 3DS 3D Camera to play 3D Augmented Reality games as well and it’s all in 3D without the Glasses using the 3DS 3D Camera and I have beautiful 3D HD graphics that equal to that of a 3D HD version of Wii Graphics and I have Streamed 3D Videos Online on my 3DS in the eShop and I have also Watch 3D Trailers for upcoming 3D movies coming to Theaters in 3D and I have done all of this in 3D Without the Glasses.

So you can pay $ 169 for a Nintendo 3DS and buy the greatest Games ever & all in 3D Without the Glasses like Cave Story 3D and Kid Icarus and Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 using the MOTION SENSORS to play the game like if you were turning a real wheel to turn the Kart left & right and also play such other 8 GB 3D Games like TheatRhytem Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 3D and Crush 3D and Shinobi and Animal Crossing and Rodea the Sky Soldier and Michael Jackson: the Experience 3D and Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter 4 3D and Monster Hunter 4 and Golden Sun 4 and Star Fox 3D and Zelda 3D and Sonic Generations 3D and Tetris 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations and Tekken 3D which also has the 3D Movie Tekken the Movie 3D in it to watch and also play other 8 GB 3D HD games as Spider Man 3D and 100% of the 3DS games are in HD 3D Without the Glasses.

Also, the screen is perfectly fine, in terms of resolution. Anyway, it’s the pixel density that matters, not the actual number of pixels. The 3DS pixel density is MUCH sharper than an average HD TV of, for example, 32 inches. It’s perfectly fine. Not everything has to be 1080p you know. Since 1080p at 32 inches is worse than just 240p on the 3DS.

And they’re making Angry Birds 3D as a downloadable game.

And the 3DS has DLC (Downloadable Content) like Xbox Live for a bunch of 3DS games to add content to the game cartridge later on.

And 1 of the Free 3D Apps I have downloaded was Netflix.

And Netflix is getting 3D Movies in the next few months, so for $ 169 you can watch 3D movies on the free Netflix App on the 3DS in 3D Without the Glasses.

And 100% of the people who have said that they get headaches from 3D, have said that after up to 1 to 2 weeks of using the 3DS they NO LONGER get headaches anymore and that they now play with the 3D all the way up 100% all the time, non-stop.

But I have never had any problem with the 3D at all, but each person has a different experience with the 3D ON during the first week.

And you can now pay to download Permanent 3D & 2D Videos on the 3DS.

And the 3DS is getting Hulu & Hulu Plus before the end of this year (2011) as a Free downloadable App and Hulu already has 3D Content.

and you can check this Link below for more 3DS Games:


P.S. You will want to check these sites out for the Web Browser’s 3D ability:






And the 3DS is getting a Wi-Fi Update this NOVEMBER to RECORD 3D Videos and upload it to YouTube and all of this in the 3DS this November by hooking your 3DS up to a Wireless Internet Connection like Wi-Fi or your own Home Internet or the Library and so fort during November as shown in this Link.


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