Q&A: why wont it let me tag my friends on facebook?

Question by Brandon Wood: why wont it let me tag my friends on facebook?
on facebook i try taggingg my friends in thoses status games but every time i put the @ symbal and try to tag them my friends dont pop up only websites and games on facebook? whats wrong with it lol

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Answer by Yuuuup
Click the “Account” link in the top right corner of the Facebook screen and choose “Privacy Settings.”

Click the “Customize settings” link.

Scroll down to the “Things others share” section. Click the “Edit Settings” icon to the right of the “Photos and videos you’re tagged in” line.

Click the button next to “Who can see photos and videos I’m tagged in” to set a new privacy

standard for tagged photos. Choose “Friends Only” to keep tagged images hidden from everyone but your confirmed friends. To keep tagged images completely private, choose “Customize.” Choose “Only Me” from the drop-down menu and click “Save Setting.”

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