Sharing pictures on facebook?

Question by sparkles: Sharing pictures on facebook?
My mom’s computer crashed. My sister keeps telling her that it’s because of her sharing pictures on facebook. She told our mom that it gave her computer a virus. I tried explaining that unless you click on a suspicious link that takes you to an external website that is not facebook, there is no threat of obtaining a virus. Simply clicking the “share” button on a picture does not pose a threat. I’m looking for some answers backing up my statement. Even though I am a technology major that is very computer savvy, apparently that doesn’t matter.

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Answer by Jacob
Absolutely not. Sharing photos will not give you a virus. Having said that, there are several sites in which are malicious and unsafe to view, facebook does a decent job of blocking groups that share such links, but there are still several out there. Simply clicking “Share” does not view the picture, However going to the page where the picture is shown on an external site, be it or, which are both save, but there are several of them.

Sharing pictures via Facebooks “Share” button, No virus

Going on the external link, and Sharing, Potential for virus.

Get Avast and AdAware.

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  1. You are absolutely correct, there is NO possible way that Facebook can give you a virus unless you click on an external site (Sometime some of the ads). That is like saying you just touched someone and you have AIDS. you see you cant get it unless you actually engage in other activities. Some, very few apps can give your computer a virus also. But i am computer savvy too, Facebook i believe also scans every photo before it gets into the public for viruses also. I know they scan them and compare them to Missing persons pictures and all that.

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