Sharing private albums in Picasa?

Question by onraSR: Sharing private albums in Picasa?
I have over 30,000 pics all sorted and name-tagged in Google Picasa, all family. I would like to share these with family members, but i do NOT want them to be made public!

When i click on the “Share” link, it states at the top “Only photos in public gallery will be visible” or something. Which i have confirmed.

Can anyone suggest a workaround? I do want to share my photos, but not with the entire world.

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Answer by VIKRAM S
1. login with your user-id on
2. Click on the album you want to share
3. There wil be a “Share” button on the right side which you can use to invite ppl to view your album.
its that easy.. but the recipent should have an email id..

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