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free printable party invitations? Help!!!?

Question by barbiedoll: free printable party invitations? Help!!!?
ok so my daughter is turning 2yrs in a month and i would like to know if anybody knows of a web site that gives u free printable party invitations(preferably princess like themes) but that u can actuallly download a picture of ur little one on there. please help me thank u in advanced

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Answer by meenakshi
here are a few sites with free customization ….

EZ Invitations.com – you can add you own photos and make them very personal
www.cropmom.com – you can upload your own photos to make cards, etc.
www.invitationland.com/ — make own invitations and print them – free
www.Pingg.com – free customized cards [invitation or greetings – printed or ecards]
Smilebox.com/birthday-invitations – haven’t tried it myself yet. Need to d/l their software.

hope these help
all the best 🙂

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How do I e-mail birthday party invitations to people?

Question by Jacki: How do I e-mail birthday party invitations to people?

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Answer by **df**
I like the website Evite. You can pick your theme on the invitation, even customize how people can say yes they are coming to the party or no they cannot make it. It also lets you inform your guests where, what time, what to bring if applicable, a guest, and a map on how to get there. Evite will also let you receive emails when people RSVP and lets you look to see who has RSVPed. The only thing you will need is email addresses of your guests. Good luck!

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Geeklish #10 | Augmented Reality on the iPad 2, iPad 2 apps

iPhone, iPad 2 apps Geeklish.com .Episode 10 features augmented reality apps for the iPad 2, Junaio, AR Magic Mirror and a new photo-sharing app for the iPhone called Pixamid. Geeklish is hosted by Brodie Beta.

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Party Ideas: Photo Booth For Party

Would it be great that if after a party you will have a lasting memento with your close friends or love ones right away with a photograph? Moreover, a hip and creative souvenir that you can obtain right away and keep it for a long time.

There is no better idea to make sure that your party will be kept in mind for as long as possible other than to have a photo booth for party. You may find the idea unusual but it does have benefits of its own. Photo booths can be seen almost anywhere from the mall to the grocery store. So, why not bring one into your party? It sure does have a class of its own apart from the high end digital gadgets that we have for our pictures to be taken. However, it can be printed in fun photo strips that will surely make your guests happy afterwards. Also you can store then right away in your wallets as a memorabilia of what happened during the party.

Sure enough, having a photographer to capture some of the moments during your party would be special but a photo booth for party is something unique. You and your guests will have more fun being themselves and being goofy at the same time. Moreover, with a professional photographer, it will certainly take some time to wait before the photographs will come out but with a photo booth, you can have them right away. Although you can still hire a professional photographer and a photo booth for party would be great idea as an addition. But if you are planning a small party, you can have a photo booth in exchange for a professional photographer.

For your next party such as Christmas, New Year, birthday, or anniversary, consider renting a photo booth. If you are thinking of a way to make your guests have fun and share the experience with everyone, photo booth for party could just be the thing that you are waiting for. You might be surprised seeing them line up for the booth and have their pictures taken and instantly have them. Afterwards, you will see those happy faces out of the booth. This can be an unforgettable experience for both you as the host and them as guest. Besides, you need not give a souvenir any longer which can be just a waste of money. The pictures taken from the booth itself with your personalized strip would be enough for them to treasure that moment in their lives.
Photo booth for party can be made through rentals. Try searching for a photo booth rental near your place. You can have them try to make you a personalized strip for the photos to make the occasion memorable. It can also save you a big amount of time and money planning or looking for a photographer and can leave you and your guests a 100% satisfaction. You can rent one from a cheap price of $ 200 only.

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How do I send mail from 3rd Party applications without cacheing it in the “Outbox” folder (Outlook 2002)?

Question by NEGREYJR: How do I send mail from 3rd Party applications without cacheing it in the “Outbox” folder (Outlook 2002)?
I’m using an Adobe photo organizer to keep track of my digital photos. There’s an option to “share” photos in which an e-mail message is automatically created from the program that has the selected photo as an attachment.

However, when I try to send the message, it appears as though it is sent but really it is cached in the Outlook “Outbox” folder until I open Outlook 2002 and click “Send/Receive.”

Is there a way to configure the message to automatically send instead of being cached in the “Outbox” folder?

BTW, I’m using Outlook to manage an Internet e-mail program similar to Yahoo Mail or G-Mail that I get from my ISP. When in Outlook itself, I am able to send and receive mail and access my address book.

Best answer:

Answer by Colanth
Outlook sends mail at 3 times – when you close it (if you have it configured that way), every X minutes (if you have it configured that way) or when you tell it to Send/Receive. Unless the third-party software is written to do an immediate send (and evidently the program you’re using isn’t), Outlook won’t automatically send the email. (And, if it does, it’ll pop up a message box telling you that another program is trying to send email, and asking if it’s okay. It’s been like that since XP SP2.)

The only way around that is to tell Outlook to Send/Receive every few minutes. Most people set their email programs up that way.

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