this is part 2 to question #1?

Question by hotmysti: this is part 2 to question #1?
the program I’m using to add photos to my site is from my documents on my computer. These pictures were taken in FL. and sent to me via email. I downloaded them into my documents file. that’s how they were added to my 360 site.

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Answer by kee
If you are talking about making a slideshow via your Photos module in your “My Page”, then you’ll need to upload your photos from your hard drive to Yahoo! Photos ( first. NOTE: Yahoo! Photos is closing down this fall. Go to to read about all the details regarding the Yahoo! photos closing.

The only other service for that module is Yahoo-owned Flickr ( ), which doesn’t display as a slide show in that module but rather in a grid.

If you are determined to get a slide show going on your “My Page/Top Page” then…
– Go to your “My Page”
– Click the “Share Photos” link in the Photos module on upper right corner of that page.
– If you have Yahoo! Photos albums, then click the “Add Photos” link at the top left of the window. If you have a Flickr Photostream, then go to the last option in the window and enable it.

Make sure to check how other people view your page by clicking on the drop down menu “Preview as seen by” at the top right of your 360 “My Page.

Also, make sure that permissions set in Yahoo! 360 for the albums match the ones made in Yahoo! Photos for each album (i.e. “Sharing” options). So, you’d need to log into Yahoo! Photos ( ). If your album is public in Yahoo! Photos, then you should set your 360 permission as Public.

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