Venue Photography- Seeking permission to use Professional Cam?

Question by CC: Venue Photography- Seeking permission to use Professional Cam?
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Okay so the town I’m currently living in has a great night life atmosphere & the live music scene is really taking off…..there are 2 new music venues (1-2 years open) in the area & I would like to express to them my interest in breaking into/building my live music portfolio. I am NOT a “professional” at this point so I’m not sure how to ask/what to say to try to obtain a Photo Pass with these venues. I’d be willing to share all copies of any photos I took with them but what else should I say to get my foot in the door?
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Answer by joedlh
Do you have a portfolio? If not, then don’t bother. The venue is not in the business of mentoring aspiring photographers. Your best bet would be to try to get a press pass for a specific gig. If they’re aggressively seeking every opportunity for publicity, you might luck out. On the other hand, they may get a score of requests for press passes and they automatically turn them down. The only way to find out is to ask. If they turn you down, back up a little and look around at the smaller venues that might give you an opening. Build your portfolio.

One word of warning about pro bono work. If you start out that way, they will never think of paying you no matter how good you get. Do it for yourself, for your portfolio. But don’t give your shots away. You want to be in the position of having them request shots from you, not for them to expect them for free.

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One thought on “Venue Photography- Seeking permission to use Professional Cam?”

  1. You will need permission of each venues manager.

    As a photographer competing with pros, you should not give a way any of your work. It is unfair to photographers who depend upon such venues to support their families

    It is best if you set up an account on a print fulfillment website like Smugmug or Zenphoto and post your nightly galleries on them.

    Have business cards made with the link to your print fulfillment account and hand them out at the events.

    The patrons can then purchase prints from that site. You set the prices and your profits will be deposited directly in your checking or savings account.

    “Guys with cameras” willing to “share” their photos are slowly putting pros out of business.

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