want to make a collage?

Question by angelicalane0627: want to make a collage?
is there a free photo edit online so i can put like 12 pics together like a collage..

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Answer by chubraknecktie
Nah I’m good, I always break the lense. I’ll do a montage though, but I’ll need some 80’s music first.

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One thought on “want to make a collage?”

  1. You can create a collage online at CropMom at http://www.cropmom.com. CropMom is an online scrapbooking and card-making and collage site.

    Upload your photos. Make a layout using them. You can add your own text. There are thousands of graphics to choose from to create your collage.

    Then save it. Go to My CropMom and click on the layout. Then click the “share” link. It’ll let you enter the email address of the recipient, and your screen-quality creations will be sent via email for free.

    For print-quality, you can purchase a JPEG file of your collage for less than $ 2 and download it to your computer.

    From here, you can either print your layout at home. Or – have it printed by photofinisher.

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