What does “SHARE” do in MySpace? Please Help?

Question by NewOrderFan: What does “SHARE” do in MySpace? Please Help?
2 Simple Questions..

For example for photos you can “edit” “delete” or “share”

I thought “share” meant to make them viewable for “everyone”

But it does not because you have the options for “everyone”, “me only”, and “friends only”

Question1: What does “share” mean in pictures??

Question 2: What does it actually do when you “share” a picture? Does that picture get messaged to all your friends? to there stream?? what ACTUALLY happens?


Best answer:

Answer by MysticErosionX!
sharing means to share with another website. for example, if you have a pic on myspace you can share it via facebook, twitter, etc and put your pic on there if you have other social networking accounts

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