What is a good column for a family newspaper?

Question by Milo T: What is a good column for a family newspaper?
What’s an idea of a column for a family newspaper that comes out once every months or two months. Preferrably not something that my family members have to contribute to (they aren’t so good about contrubuting). If you have an idea for a column where they have to contribute, please give it too. I want our family newspaper to work and need more articles, columns etc. Thanks!
All my siblings are married and living out of town. I’m still in high school and created this newspaper to keep us all together!

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Answer by Malth
Books that the entire family might enjoy reading or music that everyone might like.

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  1. Family history, for older family members – sharing “when I was young” stories relating to family, school, etc., family recipes, “bragging rights” where people share accomplishments and happy news, photo exchanges, geneology research with everyone participating to trace the family tree, planning a family reunion or maybe an extended family vacation – like a cruise, a “kids say the funniest thing” section where mom’s can share the cute things their little ones have done or said.

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