when i transfer my iweb sebsite from on mac to another…?

Question by prettyinpink: when i transfer my iweb sebsite from on mac to another…?
will all the photos, html snippets, and everything else transfer with it?? Do you only have to move the “domain” folder? or do you have to find all the graphics and stuff you put into your website and move those too??

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Answer by SilverTonguedDevil
Rather than try to answer your various questions, I’ll tell you how to set up any simple website design:
— Start with a folder called “Cool Site” or whatever.
— Add sub-folders (inside) called “Images”, “Video”, “Audio”, etc.
— Put copies of every item you will add in these folders. Only then do you add them.
— To check or correct the code, you will want the link to be something like this:
My Best Friend Judy

This avoids the full src code problem (src=”/volumes/My HD….”) that is all too easy to acquire.

Yes, you can fix the code manually for any stray item, but it much easier to start with things arranged the way they would typically be arranged at a website host server. Each item you upload to the host server should go into a folder that exactly matches those elemental folders on your computer. All image files (.JPG, .GIF., etc.) should be uploaded to the Images folder. All video files should be uploaded to the Video folder.

To move the web site files to another computer (why?), you move the entire “Cool Site” folder. Do you know about “Web Sharing”? Search the Help menu for this.

BTW, I said “any simple website design”, because most actual sites nowadays use CSS, not simple HTML. That’s a whole other complex explanation that needs 500 words.

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